Can we sit in the basket during the Hot Air Balloon Flight?

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Can we sit in the basket during the Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Can we sit in the basket during the Hot Air Balloon Flight?

No, all passengers must stand during the flight. It is not possible to sit. Since Cappadocia hot air balloon flight takes about an hour, passengers should be able to stop unassisted during the flight time. Additional aids such as seats, walkers, sticks or crutches are not allowed in the basket. If in doubt, someone should be with the passenger to assist you. 

Before the flight, your pilot gives brief information about the hot air balloon flight. This information is for flight safety. During the flight, during the take-off and landing, the pilot must absolutely listen and the commands given must be followed. If you feel not well during the fly, you should wait until it lands. You can squat in situations such as dizziness. But in this case, you cannot see anything, because you are under the basket. But, there is no feeling of dizziness or vertigo because there is no physical link between the hot air balloon and the ground. During the flight the basket remains stable and there is a feeling of incredible ease whilst taking-off.

Comfortable and safe hot air balloon in Cappadocia

There must be a safe hot air balloon company for reliable hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia. It is very important to use high-quality technical equipment, new balloons and experienced pilots. These criteria provide you with a comfortable and safe flight. all of the balloon companies are similar but there are definitely different ones. It is necessary to choose hot air balloon companies that are good and safe.

You can see all the beauty and scenery of Cappadocia by standing during the flight. Hot Air Balloon Flights are done when the sun rises. We hope you do not miss these beauties and we invite you come to Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Booking

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