Some Important Information About Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tours

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Some Important Information About Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tours

Cappadocia hot air balloon tour activity generally takes between 3 hours and 3.5 hours. The hot air balloon activity is the time between picking up from your hotel and back to your hotel. You will be picked up from the hotel early in the morning around 05:00. This pickup time may vary depending on the summer and winter season. The exact pick-up time from the hotel for the balloon tour is given to you by your agency, hotel or balloon company 1 day in advance. When you reach the office of the hot air balloon company, a light buffet breakfast is served. (Light Breakfast: drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, and foods such as cakes).

Fly Cappadocia balloon

You will then reach the take-off area of ​​the balloons with the group and watch how the balloon is prepared for flight. In the meantime, you can take pictures or videos. You will receive brief information about flight safety from the balloon pilot. When your hot air balloon is ready, your balloon, which sometimes goes up to 1000 meters, sometimes flies very close to rock formations and fairy chimneys, and you start to fly by seeing the magnificent view of Cappadocia from this angle. Your pilot gives brief information about the places and regions you see.

Approximately 100 hot air balloons take off in winter and 165 hot air balloons in summer from the Red Valley. One of the most famous valleys of Cappadocia. It is great to watch other balloons while you are in the balloons. If you want to watch the balloons flying from the ground without getting on the balloon, you can watch all the balloons while taking off and floating in the air together with the magnificent Cappadocia views. Balloons used in balloon flights in Cappadocia are called hot air balloons, and by heating the air inside the balloon, an air lighter than the air in the outside is created and fly. For flying balloons, pilots have only the control to raise and lower the balloon. Other direction adjustments depend on the direction of the gently blowing wind of that day. The wind direction is different every day in Cappadocia and the balloon company operations officers together with the pilots determine the most suitable take-off area for each flight according to the wind speed and direction. This ensures that hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia are private flights for each flight, a balloon flight you have made before is never like a balloon flight you will have afterwards. Since the wind affects all balloons at the same time, the balloons move slowly in the same direction, making it easier to complete the tours without the balloon flight accident.

What is the Risk of Flying with Hot Air Balloons?

There is always a risk in life, at all times, in everything. Although there is a very small possibility, there is a risk of accident in balloon flights. Pilot and operation staff of balloon companies in Cappadocia receive serious training to minimize the current risk and ensure a safe flight. Pilots make internship flights for hours before actually flying. In order to complete the flight in the safest way, the operation team gives instructions to the pilot by observing the balloon from the departure place to the landing site selection and during the flight, the team we call the ground crew. You will also hear radio conversations while flying in the balloon.

Fly Cappadocia Balloon

Turkish Civil Aviation flight center, necessary government and private organizations carry out very serious inspections on balloon flights and operations in Cappadocia. Inspections on many issues such as how many balloons can take off, fly, land at the same time are carried out at very high standards. Therefore, Cappadocia has become the safest place for hot air balloon flights in the world. Every day 160 balloons and more than 3500 people fly in Cappadocia with hot air balloons.

There are 28 hot air balloon companies in Cappadocia. Urgup Balloons is one of the first and still the most experienced and qualified companies to start balloon flights to the region. As Fly Cappadocia Balloon, we make it with the balloons of the Urgup balloon company in our flights.

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