Cappadocia has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985

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Cappadocia ranks 5th in the "25 Wonders of the World" list



Cappadocia has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985.

Nowhere else can you see fairy chimneys as intense as Cappadocia. While Cappadocia ranks 5th on the "New 25 Wonders of the World" list published in the Times Newspaper, it has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1985.

From the first day you come to Cappadocia, you will realize that it is a completely different place that promises a unique world in itself, where you can experience nature, history and art, culture, entertainment and romance. It has a very mystical feeling that this is a unique geographic region where you can discover yourself among many things. You must see this extraordinary place with your eyes.

Cappadocia Region

The region, which includes Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Niğde, Aksaray and Kayseri and is generally called Cappadocia, was formed by Erciyes Mountain, Güllü Mountain and Hasan Mountain about 60 million years ago. It is a very characteristic region shaped by rainwater erosion. Although the natural conditions form the basis of this region, the lives lived in the fairy chimneys carved by man are the main magical side of Cappadocia.

The traces of human life in this region date back to the Paleolithic period. The region where the Hittites once lived later became one of the important centers of Christianity. The underground cities, fairy chimneys and caves in the region allow Christians in the region to live in secrecy during the Roman Empire when Christianity was prohibited. There are many churches carved into rocks and built in underground cities in the region.

History of Cappadocia

Since Cappadocia is one of the cities on the historical Silk Road route, it has become one of the places that developed with trade during the Hittite period. B.C. The Hittite Empire collapsed in the 12th century. BC 6. Century Persian Empire gives Cappadocia its present name, which means Land of Beautiful Horses. B.C. The Kingdom of Cappadocia was established when Alexander the Great defeated the Persian Empire in 332 BC. On the 17th, Cappadocia becomes a part of the Roman Empire.

In the 3rd century, Cappadocia became a place where Christians escaped from Roman pressure due to the natural conditions suitable for hiding and living secret lives in the region. Thus, this zone minimizes the Icon Hostility share. Also during this period, Arab raids are taking place in the region. The influence of the Seljuks can be seen in the 11th and 12th centuries. During the Ottoman period, the waters calm down and the region finally finds peace. The last Christians who stayed in Cappadocia migrated from the region over time.

Cappadocia Today

Today, Cappadocia region stands out as a touristic place where tourists often come. It is one of the most beautiful places to be seen with its history and geographic structure. Hot air balloon flights have come to the fore as the most important activity in recent years. We recommend you to experience this magnificent visual beauty when you go to Cappadocia.

When is Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tours?

It can be done every day. Balloon flights are made every day when the weather conditions are suitable. There are around 250 days of flight in a year.
In the early hours of the morning, the guests are taken from their hotels and brought to the flight point. While breakfast is served here, hot air balloons are inflated and prepared for flight.

After informing about flight safety, the balloon is taken and the balloon starts to rise. The guests, who watch the sun and the scenery rising over the valley for 1 hour, experience unforgettable moments by taking pictures. Flights usually take place between 4:30-5:00am in the summer and 6:00-6:30am in the winter.

After landing on the balloon, a specially prepared medal and a champagne ceremony are held. After the ceremony, you will be dropped back to your hotel. You will experience a total of 3 hours of activity.

Cappadocia Balloon

Cappadocia Balloon Tour Booking

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