Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Season

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Season

Winter Ballooning

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Season

Hot air balloon flights have been carried out in the Cappadocia region since 1991. In the early days, flights that started with a single balloon were usually made during the summer season, in June, July, August and September. In other months, hot air balloon flights were less done because fewer travelers came. In the winter season, there were almost no flights.

Cappadocia Hot air balloons, which become more pupular every year, have reached up to 150 balloon flights today. With the requests received, hot air balloon flights started to be made throughout the year, regardless of summer or winter. As long as the weather conditions are suitable.With the increase of travelers coming to Cappadocia, hot air balloon flights started to increase. Even 150 hot air balloon flights may not be enough in the summer season. In 2019, 100% full flights were made in May, June, July, August and September due to excessive demand. Although the occupancy rates decreased in other months, there was still a lot of demand.
If you are planning to come to Cappadocia, we can recommend that the best time is May, June, September and October.

Hot air balloon season in Cappadocia is 12 months

The hot air balloon season in Cappadocia is now 12 months. No matter whether it is summer or winter, you can always fly in a hot air balloon. Hot air balloon prices are also high because it is very full in the summer months. Prices are a little less in the winter season. We always recommend you to book early. There is a guarantee of space and the opportunity to find cheap prices for early reservations. We do not recommend that you book at the last minute. It is always risky to book at the last minute, you can not find a place and prices can be very high.
Our advice is to book early and prefer the spring months. May, June, September and October are the best times for hot air balloon flights. The air temperature is not too hot or too cold during these months. It is not too hot like summer and not too cold like winter. You can wear more comfortable clothes. Cappadocia hot air balloons are flying very early in the morning at sunrise time. Flying at the same time as the sun rises with a hot air balloon is truly a magnificent sight to be seen.

Cappadocia, one of the most beautiful places in the world, becomes much more magical with hot air balloon flights. You can come to Cappadocia every season to see these magnificent places. Cappadocia is an incredible natural wonder with its fairy chimneys, underground cities, valleys, canyons, and early Christian churches and monasteries. It is very difficult for foreigners to travel without a guide in the Cappadocia region, which has an area of ​​400 km. Our recommendation is to join the daily tours and act with the guide. Local expert guides who know the Cappadocia region very well will show you the most beautiful places in a short time.

Flying with a hot air balloon when the sun rises

The most important place where the fairy chimneys look the most beautiful is Göreme Valley. Göreme open air museum and Göreme valley are the first places to be visited. You will get the best and most accurate information by visiting these places with a guide. All hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia are made from Göreme valley. We strongly recommend you to join hot air balloon tours to see the Göreme valley and fairy chimneys flying with a bird's eye view. If you want to have a nice experience with Cappadocia hot air balloon tours, make sure to book early. Get guaranteed your place on hot air balloon tours by making an early reservation.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Reservation

For those who want to experience these unique beauties and experience of Cappadocia, contact us to make an early reservation. Fly Cappadocia Balloon will be happy to assist you for Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon tours.

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