Göreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum

In Cappadocia, you can see churches carved into the rocks everywhere. But the most popular churches and frescoes are in Göreme Open Air Museum.

Göreme Open Air Museum is one of the most important sightseeing places in Cappadocia. This place has been on the Unesco World Heritage List since 1985.

All the valleys in the Cappadocia region have large rock blocks. Göreme churches were built in such rock blocks. Göreme churches were founded as Christian religious education and center in the fourth century. The ideas of St. Basil were first taught here. The monastery training here lasted for a thousand years.

Goreme Church
Places to See in Göreme Open Air Museum

  • Male and Girl Monastery
    At the entrance of the Göreme Museum, there is the monastery, which is called the Girl and Boy Monastery or called the Nuns and Priests Monastery. It is a seven-storey complex with a kitchen, chapel and church. Kizlar Monastery is connected to each other by tunnels on the ground floor. Only the first two floors of the monastery are open to visitors.


  • St. Basil's Chapel

    It is locate on the entrance side of the Göreme Museum. The tombs of chapels smaller than the church, made for a particular person, are different. The section located at the church entrances and separated from the main section by columns is called Narteks. This chapel, called Saint Basil, has a cemetery where important people are buried in the Narthex section.


  • Elmalı Church

    Elmalı Church consists of nine domes, four columns, closed cross plan and three abscissa structures. The church is entered through the main entrance at the front and a tunnel opening from the back. The decorations of the Apple Church, which is like a work of art due to its architecture and decorations, are cross and geometric motifs made with red paint on the wall.


  • St. Barbara Chapel

    This Chapel is right behind the rock block where the Elmalı Church is located. Geometric patterns were used without a human figure. It was made in the name of Saint Barbara of Egypt, who was martyred due to his father's Christian belief.


  • Yılanlı Church

    His fame On the wall of the church, taken from Onophrius, there is a picture depicted as a man with female breasts. The green dragon figure on the wall of the church, depicting St. George fighting the dragon, was called the serpentine church because of the snake resemblance.


  • Dark Church

    The Dark Church has a sheltered solid entrance and can only be entered through a tunnel. It is the best church among the churches in Cappadocia.


  • St. Catherine's Chapel

    This chapel is between the Dark Church and Çarıklı Church. St. There are eleven tombs in Catherine.


  • Carıklı Church

    Carıklı Church, the name of Hz. He took it from his footprints beneath the fresco that depicts Jesus' ascension to heaven. It differs from the crucifixion of Jesus and the stages of his removal from the cross.


  • Tokalı Church

    Tokalı Church is the biggest church in the region, located just outside the Göreme Open Air Museum. This Church is built with the fresco of the Virgin Mary, which has the most beautiful you've ever seen.


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