Is Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Worth It?

Is Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Worth It?

Is Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Worth It?

Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful reasons for coming to Turkey. Fairy chimneys, strange carved rocks and churches carved into the rocks, underground cities are interesting places to see. You can visit these places with local guided daily tours from your travel agency. It is also one of the best ways to see a hot air balloon bird's eye view in Cappadocia.

Flying with a hot air balloon is one of the best activities in Cappadocia. Most people in Cappadocia come to do this, but it is not cheap. Hot air balloon flight prices vary according to the season. Prices are higher as there is more demand in summer. Prices are low as demand decreases in winter. When flying with a hot air balloon and after landing, you realize that the price you pay will be worth it.

Göreme valley is the best place where hot air balloons fly in Cappadocia. All the scenery you will see during the flight is the Göreme valley and its surroundings. The most suitable weather conditions for balloon flights occur in Göreme valley. Flight attempts were made elsewhere outside the Göreme valley, but not as successfully as in the Göreme valley.

Hot Air Balloon With Sunrise

At the earliest hours of the morning, with the sunrise, hot air balloons begin to fly. A colorful image is formed in the air. The excitement of flying in one of these hot air balloons and the happiness of watching the other balloons are worth the price you pay.

Let's not forget, hot air balloon business is a costly business. It is very expensive to buy a hot air balloon from the factory. The realization of hot air balloon flights is a team effort. There is a ground crew working below with a professional pilot in each hot air balloon. For each hot air balloon, there is a ground crew of 6 people, a four-wheel jeep and driver, a van and driver. Approximately 10 people are working for a hot air balloon. The whole team is actively working for the hot air balloon to be ready for flight, flying and landing on the ground. Including medals and champagne ceremonies after the flight. After seeing all this, you will find that it is worth the price you pay.


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