When do balloons fly in Cappadocia?

When do Balloons fly in Cappadocia?

  • The Balloons are hot air balloon. It is better to fly for the hot air balloon when the weather is cold. 

  • Especially the earliest hours of the morning is the best time of the sunrise. Flying with the sunrise creates a very beautiful visual. It is really nice to drive the hot air balloon in the dark of the night, be in the sky and fly with hundreds of different hot air balloons when the sun rises.
  • In some cases, weather conditions may not be suitable for flying. In these cases, there may be flights during the day. If they fly afternoon flying like 1:00pm. But mostly there are morning flights.
  • In the summer season, departure from the hotel at 4:00am in the morning and flying like 5:00am. It is taken from the hotel at 5:00am in the spring season and fliying like 6:00am. In the winter season 6:00am is taken from the hotel, like 7:00am is flying. This times is changeable depend of the hot air balloon companies.
  • We are waiting you for discover the beauty of Cappadocia with a hot air balloon.


Fly Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

All guests coming to Cappadocia want to take a hot air balloon tour first. It has become more popular in recent years to fly with a hot air balloon. One of the best ways to see the Cappadocia region from a bird's eye view is to fly with hot air balloons.
The hot air balloon tour is a total of 3 hours of activity. For the Cappadocia hot air balloon tour, you will be picked up from your hotel an hour before the flight time and brought to the flight point.
After a light breakfast, safety information is provided and the balloon is prepared to fly. Discover the unique beauty of watching the sun rise while flying with balloons. Experience unforgettable moments and record or photograph them.
Standard flights take 60 minutes. You will be dropped off at your hotel after all the activities are over. The total time is about 3 hours.


How is the weather in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia region of Turkey are located in the middle of the temperature big difference between day and night.

Summer season is very hot and the winter season is very cold. The winter season lasts from December to February with an average of -2 degrees Celsius. There is about 20 cm of snow accumulation.

Spring begins in March and lasts until May, and the average temperature for this season is about 15 degrees Celsius. This is the season when there is a lot of precipitation. These rains take approximately 2 hours on average.

Summer season is between June and August. Summers are very hot in Cappadocia, daytime temperatures can rise up to 38 degrees Celsius. At night the heat drops, the air gets cooler.

Autumn begins in September and ends in November and is the busiest period of Cappadocia travel. The average temperature is in the 20s.


For the best seasons for traveling to Cappadocia, spring and autumn months are recommended, when temperatures remain relatively moderate.


Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Booking

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